A. Milk-run transport process

A.Milk-run transport process 

We provide milk-run transport services for a number of electronic and automotive parts manufactures. Customers provide the production schedules in advance for us to design and define the terms of collection and delivery routes, time windows, vehicle types, drivers based on the production time, the quantity of products and supplier locations.

Milk-run transport process is a method that allows one truck making sequential collections of goods from several suppliers. 

The processes are as follows. At a fixed time each day, a truck either from the customer's factory, a warehouse or a distribution center goes to each supplier to collect goods according to the designed route. After finishing all collections, the truck deliver goods back to the customer’s plant. The milk-run eliminates the truck’s empty returns for the suppliers, makes a timely delivery for those suppliers who have low quantity of goods having to stock up for one shipment, also allow the manufacturers maintain a reasonable low inventory level that maximize the Just in time supply.


Direct delivery transportation

Milk-run transportation

Milk-run transportation advantages:

1. Provide us your production plans, we can design the collection and delivery routes, time windows, and scheduling trucks for you. You can be free from these complicated and tedious scheduling jobs as well as reducing some fixed costs.

2. Change multiple truck transport to single truck transport to reduce transportation costs.

3. Reduce inventory supply for those goods with low quantity but high variety, timely deliver the goods as per the productions plan to maintain the inventory at most effective level.

4. Raw material and transportation costs can be separately reported to reflect the true cost of the raw materials.

5. Reduce truck traffic, reduce CO2 emissions to contribute to the creation of a low carbon society.

6. Define the time window, locations, trucks, drivers to ensure products safety as well as enhance customer’s comfort and satisfaction.